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How To Live A Normal Life With Herpes?

How to live a normal life with herpes


Getting to know that you’re infected with herpes can be the worst feeling ever. Although symptoms of herpes can be treated effectively using antiviral drugs, there is no permanent cure to this ailment. According to statistics, every 1 in 5 people across the world is infected with herpes. Being a common STD, you certainly don’t have to be worried about it. Here are a few tips that can help you lead a normal life despite of the herpes infection.

Coping with a herpes diagnosis: It is essential that you get your misconceptions about herpes sorted out. Herpes wouldn’t make you less attractive, would it? Although sores may appear from time to time, reminding you of the infection, the rest of your body is still fine.

Making changes in your daily routine: Just like any other viral infection, herpes too is treated using antiviral drugs. Although it has no cure, you can still incorporate some medications that can either reduce the intensity of the symptoms or prevent an outbreak. As a matter of fact, the herpes simplex virus also hampers the immune system. Therefore, it is essential that you eat healthy foods and boost your immune levels, which would in turn help in fighting off the virus.

Stay away from potential herpes triggers: There are certain factors that may trigger a herpes outbreak. Sexual intercourse, exposure to direct sunlight and a weak immune system provides the right medium for propagation of the virus. Nevertheless, if you’re hell-bent on having sex, prefer a water based lubricant to an oil based lubricant.

Don’t worry about your sex life: You can have a fulfilling sex life in spite of having herpes, although it would be a little complicated than it was before the diagnosis. Now, you’d have to be careful about what you do and how you do it. Avoid these activities when you feel that an outbreak is coming on – Anal sex, vaginal sex and oral sex. There are several suppressive drugs that can reduce the chances of transmission of the virus. Also, it is advised to use a condom regardless of whether or not you have an outbreak.

With the aforementioned trips in mind, you’re sure to live a healthy life with herpes. However, it is important that you let your partner know about the condition and speak with him/her about the risks involved.

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How to live a normal life with Herpes