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How to deal with Herpes infection at an emotional level? -Living with HSV

How to deal with Herpes  infection at an emotional level?

Living with HSV


People having Herpes infection often find it difficult to overcome the fact that they have contracted a sexually transmitted infection. In addition, the stigma attached with herpes, makes it a lot more difficult for people to deal with it. However, according to official records, every 1 in 4 persons in the United States is infected with herpes virus. This only shows how common this herpes infection is and that it isn’t life – threatening.

A person infected with the herpes simplex infection, no matter living with hsv 1 or living with hsv 2 can lead an absolutely normal life provided he follows adequate precautions and is upfront about it with his partner.


Ignorance causes transmission of the virus

Herpes, in some cases is accompanied with cold sores and other flu – like symptoms. While some people take these hsv symptoms seriously and approach a healthcare expert, others choose to ignore them. When these individuals engage in sexual activity with a non – infected person, he/she transmits the herpes virus. There are a lot of people that show absolutely no symptoms of the virus but still are vulnerable to spread the hsv infection.

Overcoming the trauma of getting infected from your partner is even more difficult to deal with. Imagine a person whom you’ve loved more than anything else in the world and later discover that he was the one who ended up infecting you. Wouldn’t that be heart – breaking? While this could happen to anyone, it’s essential that you don’t give the virus to your partner.

As a matter of fact, herpes has the tendency of remaining dormant and this leads to ignorant transmission of the herpes virus from one person to another. If you don’t wish to be blamed for transmitting the virus, get yourself checked for the herpes simplex virus from time to time.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you emotionally overcome the diagnosis:

  • Remember that 25 percent of the adult population has it: You’re not alone! According to statistics, every 1 in 4 adults in the United States has herpes. There are a lot of people like you that are living an absolutely healthy life.
  • Online dating sites: There are several online dating communities that cater exclusively to people with herpes, such as the Top 1 dating sites for people with herpes PositiveSingles, and some others like STDdatingonline.com. If you are coping with hsv1 or hsv2, you can join one such website and find a compatible partner. Finding and dating someone with hsv becomes quite easy. No objection or discriminations.
  • Herpes Support groups & forums: Apart from being dedicated dating services, these herpes dating sites also double up as support groups, forums & blogs. You can connect with like-minded people to discuss your conditions, also get in touch with medical experts and get info on the nearest STD care locations.

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    Herpes dating site for someone who having herpes virus


After all, living with herpes infection doesn’t mark an end to life!



Tips for dating someone with herpes

Tips for dating someone with herpes

There are over 7 billion people in the world. But only one that touches your heart and soul like no one else does is fit to be your ideal match. There is so much love for that one person in your heart that nothing wrong with them seems to affect you. Accepting them with all your heart, with the good and the bad is what really makes your relation special.

If you are in love with someone who has Herpes and doubtful whether or not you should take things forward, then don’t be upset as such a relationship can happen. It is surely going to take a lot of love and courage to date someone with Herpes, but if that person loves you equally then it is surely going to be worth it. Below mentioned are few points that would help you tackle the situation wisely and sustain your relationship:

dating someone with herpes

Dating someone with herpes

1. Undergo a test: To begin with, both of you needs to undergo a test to ascertain the type of Herpes your partner has and if you have not got infected by now. In case you have not, then precautions can be taken going forward and if you have then nothing to worry as the infection cannot be transferred again and again while having sex.

2. Not a new trend: Considering the statistics and analyzing the percentage of people having Herpes in USA, more than 40% people are already infected by the virus. Knowing that, you can feel relaxed that you are not going to be the only one to date someone with Herpes, as there are many more people who are doing the same and enjoying every bit of it.

3. Get complete knowledge: Anything can be dealt with when you have complete knowledge about it. The same applies with dating someone with Herpes. When you have the correct facts and knowledge about the precautions, you can ably handle the complexities of dating someone with Herpes.

4. Always use precautions: Although precautions do not guarantee 100% prevention of transmission, but they do help to a larger extent. This is why it is essential to use the necessary precautions.

Dating someone with Herpes is not a big deal, provided you are willing and educated on how to make things work. With these tips at your disposal, you are sure to overcome any issue that may arise and continue a normal relationship like anybody else.

Furthermore, with the advent of online herpes dating sites, finding and dating an ideal partner is now easier than before. All you need to do is create a profile for free and add a few pictures in order to lure your potential partner. With all the herpes dating sites, we recommend Positivesingles, which is the most popular one with the best features and services.

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