How to tell your partner you have herpes?(Video)

How to tell your partner you have herpes


Now that you know you have herpes, it’s much hard for you to decide how to tell your partner you have herpes. You don’t have to tell your partner immediately. However, if you become sexually active with your partner, you do need to tell him/her the truth. But when is the best time and how to start the talk? Are there some good ways you can learn from? Check out this video to get some ideas and avoid possible mistakes during the conversation. A good converstaion can save your relationship, otherwise, all ruined.



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how to tell your partner you have herpes


Just been diagnosed with an STD (Video)

Just been diagnosed with an STD?


Have you just been diagnosed with an STD? How did you feel when you’ve heared that? Unbelieveble and quite hard to accept? You have the choice to let it ruin you, take you, or you have your choice to own it, live a normal life yourself in spite of it.  Here is some hope from someone who knows what you’re going through.




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just been diagnosed with an STD

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How to have safe sex after herpes?

How to have safe sex after herpes?

Being in love is the best feeling in the world. Everything around seems so special and surreal. Your whole world revolves around that one person whom you love more than anybody else. And, what makes the bond between you and your partner stronger is the physical intimacy that the two of you share. When the emotional and physical bonding reaches its peak, loves becomes the strongest.

If you have herpes and feel that physical intimacy is not possible in your case, then you need to think again. Researchers have shown that even though you or your partner has herpes, you both can still have a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life. A few precautions need to be taken, which would prevent the transmission while allowing you to enjoy the intimate time spent with your loved one. How to have safe sex after herpes? Here are few things that you need to consider while having sex if you or your partner has Herpes:

1. Avoid during outbreaks: It has been found out in the research that the transmission is most possible when a sore is present in the person having Herpes, which is during an outbreak. Considering this it is advisable to avoid having sex during this time.

how to have safe sex after herpes

How to have safe sex after Herpes

2. Make use of precautions: Precautions like a condom should be brought to use while having sex. Although, condom doesn’t guarantee 100% safety, but it does prevent the transmission from the area it is able to cover.

3. Transfer depends on the gender: Due to the difference in the nature of men and women genitalia, the chances of transmission by a man to a woman are more than the other way around. So men need to take precautionary aids so that they do not transmit it to their partner.

4. Rejoice if both have Herpes: The good news for those who are both infected by Herpes and are longing to have sex is that, as you both already have Herpes, you cannot be again infected by the virus. Whether or not an outbreak does not matter as it would be the same in both of your case.

Based on research it has been ascertained that people can have sex even without discerning the fact of transmission. By keeping in mind the points stated above, transmission can be prevented to a greater extent. All that you need is some precaution and lots of love for each other to have a great physical intimacy, even while having Herpes.

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How to tell someone you have Herpes?

How to tell someone you have Herpes?


When you have accepted and have come to terms that you have Herpes, it makes the deal so simple. Every fifth person around the world is dealing with Herpes so it isn’t a big deal. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill because this is a very common syndrome found in a lot of people nowdays. How to tell someone you have Herpes? When you have to tell someone that you have Herpes, the first thing is that you accept it yourself. Once you have come to terms that you are dealing with Herpes, eventually it becomes easy. Here are a few things that can help you in telling someone that you have Herpes:

how to tell someone you have Herpes

How to tell someone you have Herpes

  • Don’t use the hard and fast rule: If you are dating someone and you want to tell them that you have Herpes, don’t use the hard and fast rule. You don’t know the person and you must not disclose it so easily and in haste. Make sure you know them, you have broken the ice with them and if you want to carry forward with the relationship then you can slowly and steadily unfold about it. Don’t simply tell your date before you know them in person. Once you know them, confidently unfold the mystery.
  • Have you ever been tested: Isn’t it better to start with a question like this? If you want to tell the other person about Herpes, start with this question. That can break the ice and start the intense discussion. If they have been tested or they haven’t, whatever would be their answer, accordingly you can mould your answer and put forward your syndrome in front of the person that you got yourself tested and you have been diagnosed with Herpes, which is fine.
  • Share your wisdom: Once you tell them that you have been diagnosed with Herpes, don’t just let them think anything they want to. Share your wisdom with them, tell them about herpes. What it actually is and how it can be transmitted, what are the risks and concerns? Also add this data that more than 80% of people who have herpes don’t even know that they have it. At least you know it and are taking adequate medication.

Herpes is just like a fever or a common syndrome and it can be treated. That doesn’t mark the end of your life and you don’t need to stay in any false bubble of apprehensions made in your head. Move out and look around, there are thousands like you who are happy. You should be, too!

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Tips for dating someone with herpes

Tips for dating someone with herpes

There are over 7 billion people in the world. But only one that touches your heart and soul like no one else does is fit to be your ideal match. There is so much love for that one person in your heart that nothing wrong with them seems to affect you. Accepting them with all your heart, with the good and the bad is what really makes your relation special.

If you are in love with someone who has Herpes and doubtful whether or not you should take things forward, then don’t be upset as such a relationship can happen. It is surely going to take a lot of love and courage to date someone with Herpes, but if that person loves you equally then it is surely going to be worth it. Below mentioned are few points that would help you tackle the situation wisely and sustain your relationship:

dating someone with herpes

Dating someone with herpes

1. Undergo a test: To begin with, both of you needs to undergo a test to ascertain the type of Herpes your partner has and if you have not got infected by now. In case you have not, then precautions can be taken going forward and if you have then nothing to worry as the infection cannot be transferred again and again while having sex.

2. Not a new trend: Considering the statistics and analyzing the percentage of people having Herpes in USA, more than 40% people are already infected by the virus. Knowing that, you can feel relaxed that you are not going to be the only one to date someone with Herpes, as there are many more people who are doing the same and enjoying every bit of it.

3. Get complete knowledge: Anything can be dealt with when you have complete knowledge about it. The same applies with dating someone with Herpes. When you have the correct facts and knowledge about the precautions, you can ably handle the complexities of dating someone with Herpes.

4. Always use precautions: Although precautions do not guarantee 100% prevention of transmission, but they do help to a larger extent. This is why it is essential to use the necessary precautions.

Dating someone with Herpes is not a big deal, provided you are willing and educated on how to make things work. With these tips at your disposal, you are sure to overcome any issue that may arise and continue a normal relationship like anybody else.

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STD dating sites

The best Dating site for people with herpes

Is there a dating site for people with Herpes?

Is there a dating site for people with Herpes?


Dating with an STD such as herpes is certainly an uphill task. People with an STD are skeptical about dating an absolutely healthy person fearing that they could transfer the virus to their partner. In fact, the accidental transmission of the herpes simplex virus from one individual to another is said to be the most prominent way by which this virus is transmitted.

Detecting the HSV virus is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Detecting the herpes simplex virus solely on the basis of visible symptoms is extremely difficult. While some people might witness cold sores on their genitalia, a lot of people show no symptoms of the virus. Nonetheless, the chances of transmitting the virus from one individual to another do not depend on whether or not you have the symptoms.

Medical experts believe that people with herpes should date individuals having a similar strand of the virus. In this way, the chances of spreading the virus are negligible, which also makes it convenient for the couple to get into an intimate relationship without any hesitation. However, in this case too, you’d be required to follow a few basic precautions but the chances of transmission are eliminated.

Is there a dating site for people with Herpes

The largest online STD dating service for people with herpes, HPV or other STDs.

Over the years people have understood that the real world is hesitant to dating people with herpes and other STDs. Is there a dating site for people with Herpes? Definitely, yes, and they are many you can choose from. This led to the development of specialized dating sites for people with herpes. One such site that has catered to the diverse needs of people infected with the herpes simplex virus is, this site has a proven track record of helping with herpes find their ideal match in addition to psychological support.

The website boasts a huge membership of over one million users hailing from different walks of life, but having one thing in common – an HSV infection. Thanks to the huge membership strength of this website and communication options such as the built – in email client, instant messenger and flirts, among others, interacting with a potential partner isn’t an uphill task.

Moreover, users can take advantage of the basic as well as advanced search options, in order to find their ideal match. Users can search for a partner based on innumerable search filters that include location, marital status, relationship desired, physical attributes and habits, among others. The website also has innumerable informative articles that have been contributed by dating experts with an intention of guiding people take the right approach to online dating.

There is no doubt about the fact that is the best herpes dating sites that caters to the global audience. Users can also check out the inspirational stories, treatment stories and informative blogs written by registered users of this site to know more about how to deal with the STD.

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